Tuesday, March 24, 2015

HPC Matters, because HPC Transforms - SC15 General Chair, Jackie Kern

Jackie Kern
From Jackie Kern:

Like many of you, HPC is more than just a vocation for me — there are many ways that I could make a living, but I choose to stay in HPC because only HPC allows me the chance to enable breakthroughs in such a broad range of fields. From new medicines to safer cars and clean water, HPC is making a difference every day.

Beginning in SC14 under the leadership of General Chair Trish Damkroger, the SC community began a multi-year effort to share the passion we feel for HPC with those outside the science and technical community. It is an effort to demonstrate the impact our community has on the world.

SC15 continues to focus on telling that story through our HPC Matters campaign. Throughout the year you’ll see new videos, inspiring stories, and links to examples of how HPC matters. As General Chair, I’m using this year to amplify that message with a discussion sparked by my own tagline, “HPC Transforms.” This emphasis supports the HPC Matters effort, but demonstrates specifically how HPC transforms ideas, products and people. 

As we are kicking preparations into high gear for this November, I wanted to take a minute to share the vision and goals we have set for this year’s conference:

SC15 Vision:
Provide the attendees the best possible experience from the best tech program and exhibits but also the most productive networking opportunities.  Create an environment where attendees can gain a renewed vigor for the industry and hopefully build the relationships they need to take science and computing to the next level. 

SC15 Goals:
  • Engage the under-represented communities so that they become an integral part of the community of HPC. 
  • Encourage young people to focus in STEM fields so that we can continue the trend of advancing science. 
  • Provide a quality technical program that engages the community in new ways. 
  • Enhance the user experience by offering them a way to easily find and get to what they need. This will be done through various methods of communicating and sharing information. 
  • Bring awareness of the value of this field to the general population, as well as funding sources to continue investing in advancement. 
In her day job, Jackie Kern is the Director of Information Technology at Facilities and Services at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). She manages a team that provides application development, infrastructure, web services, and user support for her department of more than 1,200 employees.