Monday, June 8, 2015

Learn How the Student Cluster Competition Transforms Careers

SC15 is set to hold another nail-biting Student Cluster Competition, or SCC, now in its ninth year, as an opportunity to showcase student expertise in a friendly yet spirited competition. Held as part of SC15's Students@SC, the Student Cluster Competition is designed to introduce the next generation of students to the high-performance computing community. Over the years, the competition has drawn teams from around the world.

In this real-time, non-stop, 48-hour challenge, teams of undergraduate and/or high school students assemble a small cluster on the SC15 exhibit floor and race to complete a real-world workload across a series of applications and impress HPC industry judges.

Teams of six (6) students partner with vendors to design and build a cutting-edge cluster from commercially available components that does not exceed a 3120-watt power limit (26-amp at 120-volt), and work with application experts to tune and run the competition codes.

Click the link below to hear from some of last year's participants as to why this is such a special opportunity for the next generation of computer scientists.


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