Thursday, March 5, 2015

The SC14 Massachusetts Green Team Explains Why the Student Cluster Competition Matters

The Massachusetts Great Team hard at work at SC14.
"The SC Student Cluster Competitions allow students to learn and advance their education and knowledge, supplying an extraordinary, unique and concrete experience in the field of supercomputing. The Student Cluster Competition at SC14 provided a real, hands-on glimpse into the world of supercomputing. Scaling tests and optimizations allowed the competitor such as myself to say what’s working, what’s better, and best of all: why and how.

Where else could you manage and tweak your own supercomputer to squeeze out the extra flop of speed, and also immediately see the effect in both the LINPACK benchmark as well as the relevant application? SCC14 provided the environment and configuration for both the supercomputing experimentation as well as the delicious knowledge that yes, you had taken that extra step and found yourself at the top with the fastest supercomputer against a spectrum of the fastest."