Wednesday, November 4, 2015

SC15 Unveils Emerging Technologies Bound for Austin

The SC15 Emerging Technologies track has an exciting range of exhibits in store for Austin! Ten successful applications were accepted from over thirty submissions after a rigorous peer review process, with every submission receiving three independent reviews.

This year’s theme “SoC for HPC”, is particularly appropriate for Austin as the city is home to several of the major semiconductor companies working on future SoC (based products optimized for HPC.

SC15 ET submissions fall into three main categories this year: HPC-optimized SoCs, new memory and interconnect architectures, and advanced cooling technologies. Advances in all of these areas are set to revolutionize HPC, and the exhibits chosen for SC15 should offer an insight into the kinds of technologies that should emerge onto the market over the next 5-10 years.

Four exhibits present future HPC-optimized SoCs. These include: advanced tools provided by the Co-Design for Exascale (CoDEx) project running on a cloud-based FPGA system (LBNL); GoblinCore-64: An Emerging, Open Architecture for Data Intensive High Performance Computing (Texas Tech University); Automata Processing: A Massively Parallel Computing Solution (Micron Technology); and ExaNoDe: European Exascale Processor and Memory Node Design (CEA-Leti).

Two exhibits present new memory or interconnect technologies: Emerging Technology for Persistent Challenges in Optical Interconnects and Photonics Packaging (nanoPrecision Products); and openHMC - A Configurable Open-Source Hybrid Memory Cube Controller (Heidelberg University).

Finally, four exhibits showcase emerging cooling technologies. These include: DOME Hot-Water Cooled Multinode 64 Bit Microserver Cluster (IBM Research Zurich); a Mineral Oil-Based Direct Liquid Cooling System (Seoul National University and ManyCoreSoft Co.); Liquid Cooling for Exascale Computing (Iceotope); and LiquidCool Solutions Project Clamshell: Novel Cooling Technology (LiquidCool Solutions and McMahon Consulting).

The SC15 Emerging Technology exhibit area is located near the main entrance to the exhibit hall, make sure you include time in your schedule to take a peek into the future!

Click here for the complete listing of the Emerging Technologies track.


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