Saturday, November 14, 2015

An Elite Group: the SC Perennials

Do you know the SC Perennials?

Do you know how to recognize them at SC15?

Well, here's a hint. 

You can recognize that select group of 18 individuals who will be making their 28th consecutive appearance at the SC conference, by the unique lapel pin bestowed upon each of them (listed below).

If you see someone wearing this lapel pin, you don't have to salute.  No need to buy them a drink (unless of course you feel strongly about it).  And most of all, you should not refer to them as, "old timers".

The SC Perennials are very young at heart, and we stand tall with our motto, "We Keep Coming Back."

 (listed in alphabetical order)
  • Mike Bernhardt / Intel
  • Bill Boas / System Fabric Works
  • Vito Bongiorno / Cray Inc.
  • Jim Bottum / Clemson Univ. / Internet2
  • Maxine Brown / Univ. of Illinois at Chicago
  • Jack Dongarra / Univ. of Tennessee and ORNL
  • John L. Gustafson
  • Fred Johnson
  • Anne Marie Kelly / IEEE Computer Society
  • John M. Levesque / Cray Inc.
  • Allen D. Malony / Univ. of Oregon
  • Kenichi Miura / NII / LBNL
  • Steve Poole
  • Ralph Roskies / Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
  • Horst Simon / LBNL
  • Burton Smith
  • Quentin F. Stout / Univ. of Michigan
  • Steve Wallach

Article by Mike Bernhardt.


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