Tuesday, June 9, 2015

SC15 Selects 9 Teams for Student Cluster Competition

It's that time of year again, teams from across the world are preparing to compete in the Student Cluster Competition (SCC) at SC15.  This year the SCC is proud to host 9 teams that will battle it out to showcase their hardware and computing might to battle zombie invasions, hurricanes, exotic particles, gene reconstruction and MORE!

The selected teams are from  the following organizations/countries:

Arizona Tri-University Team — US
Illinois Institute of Technology — US
National Tsing Hua University — Taiwan
Northeastern University (OpenCompute New England) — US
Pawsey Supercomputing Centre — Australia
Technische Universität München — Germany
Tsinghua University — China
Universidad EAFIT — Colombia
University of Oklahoma — US

For more information about the competition please click here.  Best of luck to all the participants.